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Office Rentals For Accountants

Office Rentals For Accountants

When tax season rolls around, you’re swamped with phone calls and client meetings. It’s the busiest time of year for an accountant. You hardly have the time to manage the mounting paperwork on your desk, never mind find a new office.

Don’t let a home office inhibit your productivity or the growth of your accounting firm. Keep your costs down and your clients happy. With a professional office, you can grow your accounting business faster than you can do your taxes.

The Benefits of an Office Space for Accounting Firms

Can’t justify the cost of renting an office? You may want to reconsider–many accountants rely on office rentals to support the growth of their companies. Here’s how tax accountants can benefit from an office:

The perfect location for client meetings

Your clients have a lot of questions about taxes. But what they shouldn’t be confused about is the location of your office.

You offer top-notch accounting services. You deserve an office that matches the quality of your business. We offer office space rentals located in the heart of Toronto. It’s easy to access your office when it’s right next to a public transit system.

Connect with a community

Thanks to Zoom calls and high-speed internet, we can stay connected with each other even when we’re apart. But you might miss the connection of an in-person connection. When you’re swamped with work, it’s great to get away from your desk and chat with a colleague. You might even get a new client out of it.

Stimulate your creativity when you work in a shared office space.

Work in a new environment

When you work from home, you can spend your entire week in the same building. While it might be convenient and budget-friendly, it’s not the best for your productivity. The local coffee shop has its limitations. Without an office space, you may not have a place to hold client meetings.

Give yourself something to look forward to when you commute to the office. Not only is it a change of scenery, but it’s a way to re-centre yourself in a new location.

Save on the cost of renting an office building

Don’t want to pay for more space than you actually use? No problem. At Workplace One, we offer pay-as-you-need services to help you manage the cost of your rental. You only pay for printing services, conference rooms, and private offices as needed.

Finding the Right Office for Your Business

You aren’t looking for a run-of-the-mill office rental; you need a space that suits your business. Accountants have particular needs. With our customized workspaces, we’re prepared to meet them. Our workspace solutions include:

Virtual office

Tax accountants may only need an office for part of the year. In the meantime, they can get by with a virtual office. And when they need to use meeting rooms, they can rent them at a reasonable rate.

With a virtual office, you can:

  • Work remotely and give clients the impression of a physical office

  • Mail address & forwarding with several locations to choose from

  • Unique phone number with an auto-attendant

We offer customizable packages to tailor your office to your needs. Find the right fit for your accountant business at Workplace One.

Dedicated desk

Not all tax accountants are part of a large team; some work independently, only taking on as many clients as they can handle.

At Workplace One, your dedicated desk includes the standard office equipment you need, including a desk, chair, and filing cabinet. You can access your private and lockable space 24/7. Each dedicated desk includes an attended reception and mail/package handling.

When you need to take private phone calls, rent one of our meeting rooms using your credits.

Private office

Support your team with one of our private offices. We offer these office rentals in all shapes and sizes. From hybrid offices to our pay-as-you-need services, you have total control over your private office. Enjoy furnished workspaces that feature lockable doors, daily cleanings, and around-the-clock entry.

Team suites

To support a large team, you need a spacious office that’s complete with everything you need. Give your accountants all the resources they need in a large, private office, with executive offices, exclusive meeting rooms, and phone booths. We’ll be there to support you with our signature hospitality.

Why Choose Us?

We’re passionate about creating solutions for businesses like yours. When you rent an office space with Workplace One, you can access the following benefits:

Flexible lease terms

If we’ve learned anything from the last few years, it’s that we can’t predict how the world will change. Locking into a multi-year lease is daunting even for established accounting businesses.

Your business needs a more flexible lease. Enjoy freedom and flexibility when you lease an office with Workplace One.

Member benefits

When you’re a member, your benefits go beyond your office rental. As a Workplace One member, you get access to amenities like:

  • Reliable, ultra-fast internet

  • Mailing address

  • Office cleaning services

  • Access to lounges, meeting rooms, and private offices

  • Copier & printer services

  • Utilities are covered

Find an Office Space for Rent with Workplace One!

Whether you’re looking for a private office, virtual office, or coworking space, we have a solution for you. Our work isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied with your office space arrangement.

You don’t need to spend another minute searching for the perfect office rental–you’ve come to the right place. To find a new office for your accounting business, contact us today!