Workplace One FAQ


  • Which insurance policies are Workplace One members required to have?Open/Close
  • How do I book a tour of a Workplace One Building?Open/Close
  • What is Workplace One’s photo and film request policy?Open/Close
  • What is Workplace One’s pet policy?Open/Close
  • How do conference rooms work? Can I book conference rooms more than a month in advance?Open/Close
  • Does Workplace One charge members for utilities?Open/Close
  • What are the different workspace solutions that Workplace One offers?Open/Close
  • What is Workplace One Monthly vs. Workplace One On Demand?Open/Close
  • What are Workplace One Member benefits and where can I find a list of included benefits?Open/Close


  • What are the additional fees for reservation credits, printing, etc.?Open/Close
  • How can I view my invoice?Open/Close
  • When is my service retainer due? When is my first month’s membership fee due?Open/Close
  • When are late fees applied?Open/Close
  • What does my monthly invoice include?Open/Close
  • How do I know if you have received my payment?Open/Close
  • How can I update the company name listed on our invoices?Open/Close
  • Can I review next month’s invoice before it gets finalized?Open/Close
  • What payment methods do you offer? How can I change or update my payment method information?Open/Close
  • How can I update the address listed on my invoice?Open/Close


  • How do I connect my device to the Workplace One Wi-Fi?Open/Close
  • How do members connect to the Wi-Fi at Workplace One?Open/Close
  • Which devices are supported on Workplace One Wi-Fi?Open/Close
  • How do visitors and guests connect to the Wi-Fi at Workplace One?Open/Close
  • How can I change my Workplace One Wi-Fi password?Open/Close
  • I have lost my internet connection, what do I do?Open/Close
  • How do I find my username and password for connecting to the Wi-Fi?Open/Close

TV Screens

  • How do I connect to a TV in a conference room?Open/Close
  • I am having trouble connecting to a conference room TV. What should I do?Open/Close


  • How do I install Workplace One Printing Services?Open/Close
  • How do I scan on a Workplace One printer?Open/Close
  • How do I print in black and white?Open/Close
  • How do I troubleshoot printing issues?Open/Close
  • Can I bring my own printer?Open/Close


  • How do I use Wi-Fi calling?Open/Close
  • How do I order a phone or phone line?Open/Close
  • How do I reset my phone voicemail or change my password?Open/Close
  • Does my office come with phones?Open/Close
  • How do I use the conference room phone?Open/Close
  • How do I troubleshoot phone issues?Open/Close
  • After receiving it, how do I set up my phone?Open/Close


  • Does Workplace One have an emergency call centre?Open/Close
  • What do I do if I see a door that doesn’t seem secure?Open/Close
  • What is Workplace One’s event policy for alcohol and security?Open/Close
  • How does Workplace One keep my workplace safe?Open/Close
  • Would Workplace One ask me for my personal or financial information?Open/Close


  • How do I get notified of a Mail and Package Delivery?Open/Close
  • I lost my keycard, what do I do?Open/Close
  • Who completes Workplace One maintenance work?Open/Close
  • What do I do if I see a leak or flood at my building?Open/Close
  • What do I do if I need to use the freight elevator?Open/Close
  • What is the voltage of the outlets in my office?Open/Close
  • What is Workplace One's office signage policy?Open/Close
  • How do I adjust the temperature in my office?Open/Close
  • How often will my office be cleaned?Open/Close
  • How do I add or remove Workplace One furniture from my office?Open/Close
  • Can I bring my own furniture?Open/Close
  • Can I add additional privacy vinyl or bring in blinds to make the space more private?Open/Close
  • How are office sizes measured at Workplace One?Open/Close
  • What happens if I need more space or desks?Open/Close