Workplace One Health and Safety Policies

Workplace One Health and Safety Policies

From the outset of the covid-19 pandemic, Workplace One has made the health & safety of anyone entering our workspaces our top priority. We appreciate your understanding in helping uphold our policies during this time so that we may continue to provide best-in-class workspace solutions for you and your teams.

These policies are in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone who enters our spaces: members, staff, guests, couriers, cleaners, and suppliers.

The Workplace One community is made up of all these people – so let’s work together to make sure this is the safest place to work.


Physical Distancing

Based on recommendations from the federal government and various health organizations, members should keep 6’ distance from others in all common spaces, such as kitchens and lounges. Please consider fellow members and allow for respectful distance in our spaces.

Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Hand soap is available in washrooms and at kitchen sinks. It has been proven that handwashing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to avoid infection. There are hand sanitizing stations located at the entrances of all of our spaces. Please use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting.

COVID-19 Positive Case Procedure

Adhering to provincial guidelines, if a member or any individual using our workspace tests positive for COVID-19, they are required to isolate until all of the following apply:

-your symptoms have been improving for at least 24 hours

-you do not have a fever

-you have not developed additional symptoms

You should then continue to take extra precautions until 10 days after your symptoms began such as wearing a mask, social distancing and frequent handwashing.


If you are inviting business guests into our spaces during business hours, please use the following procedure:

You will be responsible for advising your guests of the safety protocols we have in place, including:

Social Distancing

Hand Sanitizing

Hand Washing

Have your guest contact you when they arrive at the centre. Our centres are equipped with an occupancy sensor that allows us to know exactly how many people are present at any given time. These anonymous sensors do not track any personally identifiable information.

If you are inviting guests outside of standard business hours, please contact your community manager to make arrangements.


If you have the option, it is recommended that you use stairwells in order to ease elevator use and wait times. Please follow the signage in place in each stairwell. If signage is not present, please stay to the right hand side of the stairwell whether you are going up or down.


There is a maximum occupancy limit for each washroom. Please see the signage on each washroom indicating how many people are allowed in at a time.

Kitchens & Lounges

Physical Distancing

Please be mindful of physical distancing when using the kitchens. Members should aim to keep 6’ distance from others in all common spaces and respect we all need to move through the space. Please use consideration and common sense to navigate the kitchens when others are present.

Hand Washing

Please wash your hands before handling anything in the kitchen.


Please place dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher. If dishwashers are full, please wash your dishes with soap and scrub brush provided.

Water Stations

Our no-touch water stations will be available for use. The filtered water faucets may be used.

Meeting Rooms

Physical Distancing

We recommend and promote the use of physical distancing when using the meeting rooms.

Extra Cleaning

The meeting rooms will be spot-cleaned after every use and thoroughly cleaned & sanitized during the day and evening by our dedicated cleaning staff.


Our meeting room booking procedure remains the same: you can book rooms using the online Member Portal.


As the size of the elevators at each location varies, please adhere to the occupancy rules provided for each location. If you have the option, using the stairwell may be a faster way to reach your floor.

Here are the elevator recommendations for each location:

Bay-Bloor: No more than 2 people in any elevator

King East: No more than 2 people in any elevator

King West: No more than 3 people in any elevator at a given time. Please adhere to distancing indicators on the floor.

Kitchener: No more than 2 people in the elevator

Peter Street: No more than 3 people in any elevator at a given time. Please adhere to distancing indicators on the floor

Queen West: No more than 1 person in the elevator

Our health & safety policies are designed to allow the safest access to our spaces. If you have any questions regarding the changes to our health & safety policies, please feel free to contact us at