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Flexibility at Work

Flexibility at Work

When it comes to the covid-19 pandemic, there are certain feelings we have all experienced. Feelings of hope, feelings of disillusionment, feelings of “when-is-this-going-to-end??”

It’s been a rollercoaster.

With vaccination rates in Canada continuing to rise and infection rates coming under some semblance of control, there is a feeling that things may soon return to normal. Are we out of the woods yet? Most of us have learned to not get are hopes too high, but it appears we are moving in the right direction.

What does this mean for the workplace?

Very few jobs remained unaffected by the pandemic. Many of us learned to work from home — some of us even found it to be a more productive way to work. We learned that a lot of meetings really could’ve been summed up in one email and the morning commute was something we really didn’t miss. And in a lot of ways, having a bit of flexibility wasn’t a detriment to our workday at all: in fact, it was a plus.

In the workspace industry, we have learned one thing: the office will never be the same. Large corporations are hearing it loud and clear from employees. They want change. They want flexibility. And the reasons aren’t self-serving. Before the pandemic, burnout rates were at an all-time high, and the pandemic created an unprecedented stress on work-life balance.

Many small teams already know the benefits of allowing flexibility in the work day but are handcuffed by needing office space, but not all of the time. And traditional coworking doesn’t give them the support they need. These teams need access to amenities and services, but in a flexible way.

That’s where we come in.

At Workplace One, we are focused on designing flexible office solutions that work for businesses of any size. Whether you are a team of 4 or 44, we consult with you to find the best solution, which most often includes a private office as your hub combined with extensions of our offerings: offices by-the-day; flex passes for use at all of our locations; meetings rooms; extra desks; and more.

Add in our HQ Suites as an option and your choices are nearly endless. After all, your business is unique, your workspace should be too.

Flexibility at Work

Plus, with Workplace One you will experience our unparalleled hospitality and service that ensures your workday runs smoothly. That means everything from mail service, fully-stocked kitchens, coffee & tea, concierge service, daily cleaning, health and safety policies, guest reception and anything else you need, just ask. As we always say, we do the work that lets you get right to work.

Don’t forget that we offer flexible terms unlike traditional leases and the answer is clear: there is a flexible office solution waiting for you.

Get in touch to find out how flexibility can work for your business.