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Finding Balance in the Hybrid Office

Finding Balance in the Hybrid Office

The past year and a half turned the world upside down. Businesses were forced to pivot, adapt, change, and redefine success. Working from home became universally accepted but as the world slowly opens up, many people want to redefine their work environment and make it more flexible. There is a need to recalibrate and find balance.

For the office environment, the answer to creating balance will be found hybrid work models. We can all likely agree that things aren’t going back like they were before. But how will we balance our office experience?

In part, the balance will come from understanding the needs of employees and what they require to be most productive in a hybrid work model. As professionals and individuals, all employees work differently. Not only do their specific jobs have certain requirements (think: a construction worker would have a hard time working from home; and graphic designers need certain types of software to work in today’s world) but everyone is most effective in their own unique ways.

Some people work best in the morning. Others are nightowls who only get going after dark. Some people need silence to complete their tasks. Others thrive in a bustling office with lots of noise.

What’s most important for business owners is knowing that there is positive momentum. Is everyone meeting deadlines? Is business moving forward, even though the world feels like it’s standing still? And is your team working well together and feeling fulfilled?

There is no one answer for the hybrid office — which is a huge benefit because it means companies can reevaluate their office space to make it even more effective for their teams. Flexibility is the key to finding solutions that work best for any individual business.

Finding Balance in the Hybrid Office

At Workplace One, we are seeing many large companies downsizing their office footprint and relying on coworking spaces to house cohorts of teams. Considering the turnkey solutions we offer, it is a no-brainer for businesses looking to outsource some of their office space.

For others, a hub and spoke model is implemented in which one private office is used as a central hub with employees scheduled to come in on certain days, working remotely on others, or at one of our other locations in day offices at other times of the week. Again, finding the balance is key — and we can help you find your solutions.

With our on-demand meeting rooms, day offices, multiple locations, and virtual office options, you can create an entirely new, cost-effective environment for you and your team.

If you are struggling to strike the balance of your hybrid work life, get in touch. We have solutions you may not have thought of.