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Why Coworking Spaces are Better Than Working Remotely

Why Coworking Spaces are Better Than Working Remotely

Deciding between working remotely and moving your team into an intimate Toronto coworking space? Both options provide growing businesses distinct advantages. However, in our experience, coworking spaces offer far more benefits than working remotely.

Terms like virtual employees and working from home always sound great. Being able to work in a house robe, not dealing with a long commute, and maybe sleeping in a bit longer in the mornings can sound like a great working experience.

That being said, working from home doesn't always result in better performance. While most startups begin working from home, many have seen the benefits coworking spaces provide financially, and how they increase efficiency and drive growth.

Common issues when working remotely

Working with a team requires constant communication. While there are many tools that have come along to help better the way teams communicate, talking face to face will always be the best way to get things done. Here are a couple of reasons many companies are finding that working from home isn't necessarily the most ideal situation.

1. Misinterpreting text

What gets lost so many times when reading text is tone. Unless someone is writing in ALL CAPS, tones of sarcasm, anger, and general happiness can be lost on the reader. When a team communicates solely through emails, the likelihood of confusing, misunderstood messages being sent out can put a stop to progress. The time it takes to read, then decipher, then reply to the email could be far more efficient in a regular conversation.

2. Connection issues

There is no buffering time when communicating face to face. While the technology has increased immensely in the area of online chat, you can always expect to run into issues when connecting with another person.

3. Dealing with urgent matters

In the event where there is a major fire to put out at work, you need all hands on deck. What if the person on your team you need most to deal with the issue is away from their desk or on lunch? In this type of a scenario, you wouldn't want to be wasting time tracking essential staff down. In a coworking space where everyone is accounted for, it is far easier to get everyone on the same page and deal with the matter at hand.

4. Staying on target

All of the best startup companies thrive because they are lead by an entrepreneurial spirit, who is able to communicate their vision. When a team isn't constantly communicating properly, that vision and leadership could become lost. When you work in the same environment, it becomes far easier to keep everyone working on the same page.

5. Room for distractions

When you are at work, it is far easier to maintain focus and tackle projects as a team. When you are at home, there is a lot of room for distractions. It's easy to lose focus of your expense report you need to fill out while you are free to indulge in the comforts of home. We're not saying everyone who works from home has this struggle, but there are many who can't resist the temptations that only a comfortable home provides.

Why coworking spaces are better for growing businesses

Previously in our blog, we've mentioned 5 advantages of a shared office space. Being a part of a coworking space makes it far easier to keep track of your team and most of all communicate.

We wouldn't be as bold to say that working remotely doesn't have any benefits. Many teams have found success working from home. However, the benefits offered in a shared office space should be heavily considered.

Toronto coworking spaces

Looking for a coworking space in Toronto? Workplace One offers three downtown shared office space locations that can facilitate small growing businesses to larger companies. Each of our locations feature all the amenities of a regular office, at the fraction of the cost of leasing one. They are also filled with an active community of like-minded startup companies who are always willing to share ideas, offer advice, and even share a beer during our loved “Beer O'Clock” tradition.

Visit our website today to discover how our downtown Toronto coworking spaces can help your team communicate, and allow your business to grow.