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Why a Virtual Office May Be Perfect for You

Why a Virtual Office May Be Perfect for You

It’s no secret that the world of business has completely changed in the last decade. Cloud-based technologies alone have altered how businesses operate and make it simple for employees to work outside the four walls of a traditional office. Smartphones have advanced the way we communicate, providing engagement in unforeseeable ways. Shared offices and coworking spaces are more and more popular. Business is moving faster and faster everyday.

So….so what?

The fact is becoming abundantly clear that while humans tend to crave structure to feel human, we are at a stage in history when we don’t need to be tied to a particularly place in order to get our work done effectively.

Enter the virtual office.

There are plenty of reasons why a virtual office may be the solution for you or your team. From cost-savings and low overhead, to teams working in different time zones and scheduling logistics, virtual offices are an important option in the flexspace community.

How does a virtual office make life easier?

There are likely very few people who actually enjoy commuting to work. Many businesses today communicate primarily via email and phone so the need to be in close proximity to a coworker or client isn’t really necessary. A virtual office allows the outside perception of a central location without the need of a traditional office space.

MAILING ADDRESS Another benefit of the virtual office is that they offer a mailing address and package notification. In the case of Workplace One, the prime addresses right downtown are an attractive option for people who may not want their business address the same as their home address even if they do a large percentage of their work from home. Suddenly, your home office is international!

From time to time, all businesses need to meet face to face with clients or coworkers. Virtual office plans offer the benefit of access and discounted rates to shared office meeting rooms that are outfitted with the newest in tech and, in the case of Workplace One, are stylish spaces designed to impress and inspire.

Virtual office memberships can include phone service packages that manage extensions, voice mail, call forwarding and more. It’s like having your own office administrator working at all times.

Virtual offices offer unprecedented flexibility for businesses that don’t need to have all employees under one roof. In fact, many large companies use virtual offices for remote workers who are based in different cities than head office. This can provide a huge cost-savings to companies who want employees in different parts of the world but don’t want to spend the overhead to provide them with a traditional office that, frankly, isn’t necessary.

Do yourself a favour and explore virtual office options in the coworking community. You may find the perfect fit is virtually yours.