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What is Coworking?

What is Coworking?

Even though it is becoming more and more popular, coworking is often an enigma for the uninitiated.

“What happens in those places? Are 100 people crammed into one room, all fighting for the one power outlet?”

No. Not at all.

Coworking is designed to cater to whatever business you are in. A two-person tech start-up? For sure. An established creative agency? Check. A satellite office for a major corporation? You bet. Flexibility is key.

One thing everyone at a coworking space shares is that they are there to work. Shared office space fosters a community of like-minded people, ones who show a certain passion, drive and respect that helps drive business and productivity.

Workplace One prides itself on providing spaces that are as unique as the businesses that are inside. Each location has a different design that plays off of the neighbourhood that surrounds it. Professional and stylish. Funky and focused. Classic and chic.

Locations are home to private offices as well as dedicated desks in open-concept layouts, coworking tables for people on-the-move, and meeting rooms that are available to members and non-members.

Members say that the vibrant energy of the spaces is inspiring without being intrusive. Others love the convenience of not having to manage the details of having their own office: the cleaning, the supplies, the printer jams, the coffee maker.

Coworking frees up your time to do what you come to an office to do: work.