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Health - Tame the Snack Monster & Other Nutrition Tips

Health - Tame the Snack Monster & Other Nutrition Tips

It isn’t always easy to stick to a healthy nutritional regimen when you are trying to take over the world with your startup. But there are a few easy tricks to avoid those hangry moments at 11am, that after-lunch crash, and how you can give yourself that extra boost to push through after hours. It’s all about making sure your brain is working as best it can be. Just like your muscles, your brain needs energy. And we mean good energy. Here are a few tips from Workplace One to keep your diet in line with your ambition.

Don’t Skip Breakfast
Whether or not breakfast is the most important meal of the day is up for discussion (We are big fans of lunch. And dinner ain’t too shabby either) but we believe it can be agreed that there isn’t anything wrong with putting some fuel in the tank at the start of the day. The most important thing to do is find the breakfast that is right for you. Are you a bacon and eggs person? A smoothie junkie? Avocado toast aficionado? Whatever it might be make it part of your routine in the morning. Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier. Do some prep the night before. You’ll thank yourself — and your brain will already be firing by the time you get to the office. Just stay away from the Pop-Tarts and sugary processed cereals.

Coffee Hound
Studies show that coffee — full of antioxidants and the-life-of-the-party caffeine — is actually good for us. Well, in small doses. There is a big difference between one cup in the morning and 8 double shot grande Americanos throughout the day. Best to limit yourself. And the next time you find yourself reaching for the pot, try having a glass of water. First, you probably need it. Second, you’ll be surprised how much it boosts your energy level.

Age of Aquarius
Speaking of water, there is no way to overestimate the health benefits from drinking enough of it. And really, have you ever felt that you had too much? No. Keep a glass next to your desk. We actually knew someone who broke a daily soft drink habit by filling their empty Coke can with water. They basically tricked their brain into drinking more water — and they lost 20 pounds in the process.

Tame the Snack Monster
We all get a bit snacky sometimes. It’s natural. But what do you reach for? Chips? A chocolate bar? One of the secret weapons in the mysterious underworld of your diet is preparation. So stock a drawer in your desk with quick foods that are good for you — nuts, raisins, healthy granola bars — that way you don’t have to think about what weapon to grab when the Snack Monster lurches into the room.

Choose Wisely
Lunch meetings are a great way to get business done. They are also a great excuse to have a burger and fries. Don’t get us wrong, we all love a double-patty with extra cheese now and again. But if you are out hustling several times a week it is best to make some conscious menu choices — there are always salads to grab and most places have a protein option to add.

Ultimately it is completely possible to create healthy habits when it comes to diet. A bit of preparation, a few conscious choices and lots of water will set you on the course to more effective brain function — and taking over the world!