Broker Partnership Program

Broker Partnership Program

Subject to the Broker Terms and Conditions provided herein Workplace One will compensate eligible Brokers with a Referral Fee for each qualified New Member Introduction that leads to the execution of a Workplace One License Agreement.

Eligible Brokers

To be eligible to participate in the Broker Partnership Program, you must be either: (a) a person or entity who acts on behalf of any New Member represented or (b) a qualified web broker that has entered into an agreement with Workplace One

Qualified New Member Introductions

For a New Member Introduction to be deemed sufficient for the Broker to receive Referral Fee, the subsequent conditions must be followed:

  • New Member must enter into a License Agreement no later than six (6) months from the date of Introduction;
  • New Member must not be a current Member of Workplace One;
  • New Member must not have previously contacted Workplace One or otherwise been submitted by another party prior to your Introduction;
  • if multiple Introductions from different Brokers are received for the same New Member, Workplace One will honour the Qualified Introduction leading directly to a signed License Agreement

A Broker will only be eligible to receive a Referral Fee if such Broker a) is engaged in the active representation of the New Member in their search for office workspace and their negotiation of a License Agreement with Workplace One; b) promotes Workplace One to the New Member; and c) engages in reasonable continuing assistance to get the License Agreement between Workplace One and the New Member executed. Confirmation of the Broker representation of the New Member may be required and Workplace One reserves the right to request confirmation of such arrangement from any New Member.


Qualified New Member Introduction must be made by contacting a Workplace One Leasing Representative and providing written confirmation of the following:

  • the Broker’s contact information including phone number, email address and name of the company they are affiliated (i.e. brokerage name);
  • the New Member’s contact information including company name, primary contact, phone number and email address; and
  • a summary of the New Member’s license requirements.

The Broker must complete a separate Qualified Introduction for each New Member per transaction pursuant to the Workplace One Broker Program. The Broker will not receive credit for any other transaction unless they have completed and submitted a separate Qualified Introduction identifying the applicable transaction. Workplace One will assume that the Broker does not represent the New Member in transactions not specified by the Broker in a Qualified Introduction. Introductions that are incomplete or that do not adhere to the process outlined in these terms and conditions will not be recognized as valid by Workplace One and will not be processed for payment of a Referral Fee. Please note that all Qualified Introductions are conditionally accepted and not fully confirmed until a Workplace One Leasing Representative and the New Member approves and confirms the Broker’s involvement in the Qualified Introduction.

In the event that two (or more) entities are claiming ownership over the same New Member, Workplace One shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to defer to the New Member to identify and confirm in writing the Broker’s involvement in the Referral.

New Member Contact

Unless otherwise instructed by the Broker, Workplace One will not contact the New Member upon receipt of Qualified Introduction. By agreeing to these Broker Terms and Conditions, you hereby represent and warrant that you have obtained consent from the New Member to send the New Member’s contact information to Workplace One in connection with your participation in the Broker Partnership Program, and you believe in good faith that the New Member desires to become a member of the Workplace One community.

Fees and Payment

In order to be eligible for any Fees, Brokers must demonstrate a relationship between New Member and Broker where Broker is using diligent efforts and taking affirmative steps to assist such New Member in procuring, negotiating and finalising an agreement with Workplace One.

Workplace One will pay the following Referral Fee calculated on monthly reoccurring payments for the Licence of a private office(s) or dedicated desk(s) for the lifetime of the Member as follows:

For the First 12 months or less: 10% of the License Fee Revenue, paid on Member occupancy.

For 13 months or greater: 5% of the License Fee Revenue, paid quarterly, at quarter-end.

The Referral Fee for initial terms and renewals is paid upon:

  • receipt by Workplace One of an executed License Agreement from the New Member
  • the Member having paid its First Month’s License Fee plus applicable taxes and Security Deposit;
  • the Member occupying the Office Suite; and
  • the Broker must provide Workplace One with a valid invoice for the Referral Fee.

In the event that the New Member reduces its total committed Office Suite or terminates their Workplace One License Agreement after move-in but before the end of their commitment term, the Broker will not be responsible for the repayment of any accrued and already-paid Referral Fees related to such Qualified Introduction. Instead, the New Member shall be responsible for the repayment of any applicable Referral Fees to Workplace One.

Workplace One reserves the right to amend or update the Workplace One Broker Program and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.