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Our vibrant and versatile work centres transform into incredible event spaces, from full-on networking conferences to relaxed breakfasts for our members. Here's what's happening these days.


Our Appreciation Events celebrate what make our spaces great: our members. Whether it's a taco lunch, a build-your-own ice cream sandwich bar, homemade pancakes, or a croissant & mimosa brunch, these events bring people together and are always quite tasty! DATES TBD

Join us for a summer afternoon wake up call as Hatch, our amazing coffee roaster, is bringing their cold brew coffee cart into each centre for a build your own iced coffee bar. Learn a bit about the roasting process that goes into those amazing beans and customize your perfect drink to help give you the extra push in your productivity.

QUEEN WEST - Tuesday August 20th - 3:00 pm

KING WEST - Tuesday August 20th - 1:00 pm

KITCHENER - Wednesday August 21st - 3:00 pm

KING EAST - Tuesday August 27th - 11:00 am

PETER STREET - Tuesday August 27th - 1:00 pm

BAY-BLOOR - Tuesday August 27th - 3:00 pm