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Our vibrant and versatile work centres transform into incredible event spaces, from full-on networking conferences to relaxed breakfasts for our members. Here's what's happening these days.


Our Appreciation Events celebrate what make our spaces great: our members. Whether it's a taco lunch, a build-your-own ice cream sandwich bar, homemade pancakes, or a croissant & mimosa brunch, these events bring people together and are always quite tasty! DATES TBD

On Thursday August 15th Workplace One will be hosting a company-wide baseball social at the Trinity Bellwoods baseball diamonds. Come out for a mix of games and activities, and when you aren’t on the diamond hitting runs enjoy some cool treats and old fashioned ball park hot dogs with other Workplace One coworkers! No experience playing ball? No problem – this is all for fun. We encourage you to bring your glove, bat and any other gear along, but once again, if you don’t have any of that stuff, we will be sure to have some extras on hand.

2 ways to register for this great event:

Assemble a team of 9 players. Email your Centre Manager with your list of players and your team name.

No team? No problem! Email your Centre Manager that you would like to participate and you will be put on a Workplace One team.







Join us for a summer afternoon wake up call as Hatch, our amazing coffee roaster, is bringing their cold brew coffee cart into each centre for a build your own iced coffee bar. Learn a bit about the roasting process that goes into those amazing beans and customize your perfect drink to help give you the extra push in your productivity.

QUEEN WEST - Tuesday August 20th - 3:00 pm

KING WEST - Tuesday August 20th - 1:00 pm

KITCHENER - Wednesday August 21st - 3:00 pm

KING EAST - Tuesday August 27th - 11:00 am

PETER STREET - Tuesday August 27th - 1:00 pm

BAY-BLOOR - Tuesday August 27th - 3:00 pm