Member Chat - Jacile Hébert, Hook Management

Posted on: October 4, 2016 by WorkPlace One

Workplace One Press chats with  Jacile Hébert, CEO at Hook Management and a member at our 1 King West suites. Jacile gives us some insight into what inspired her to start her own business, her mentors and the biggest misconceptions about Digital Marketing. Learn more about Hook Management by visiting their website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Tell us about Hook Management - what's your elevator pitch?

We’re a brand building Digital Marketing agency, focused on content creation and social media. Our clients range from startups to professionals, from mid-market companies to large corporations. We take a bespoke approach with every client, to ensure their needs are taken care of and their goals are achieved.

What made you decide to take that leap of faith and start your own company/work for yourself? 

Initially, I was consulting six companies for a few months, managing their social accounts, developing content and within a few months time six turned into 13. I saw potential to grow, but realized I needed to incorporate and get some help so the quality of my work wouldn’t decrease.

Do you have any mentors? Tell us about them.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve hired a business development coach who is an entrepreneur and started his first company when he was in College, which he grew and sold for over a million dollars. Afterwards, he’s continued to build, grow and sell multi-million dollar companies and now is mainly consulting CEO’s throughout the US and Canada. I work with another mentor, who has built one of the largest security companies in India with over 15,000 employees. She works as a ‘compass’, helping guide my priorities and how to make an impact in commerce as a woman.

What are the biggest misconceptions about digital marketing?

Today, I see a big misconception of Digital Marketing being synonymous with social media and vice versa. Social Media, at one point was perceived as a “speciality service” for agencies when it initially got off the ground, however, it has now become a fundamental aspect of any business, regardless of size or industry. Companies that lead the charge in Digital Marketing will be flexible to the ongoing changes and updates to social platforms and building their traditional services and strategy to accommodate the growth.

What do you like most about the Shared Office Space Workplace One?

Initially, I fell in love with the garden room in the suites at one King West, but what sealed the deal was the combination of the location, flexibility to grow and move to different spaces/locations and the network of other startups, entrepreneurs and businesses also sharing the space. The energy at Workplace One is infectious and inspiring.