3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Startup’s Online Presence

Posted on: September 21, 2016 by WorkPlace One

As a new startup business finds its legs, it’s important that the company is transparent with their consumer. The consumer needs to know exactly what the business is and how it can provide a solution for their needs. In today’s online era, 85% of customers look online to find local businesses. Surprisingly, only 51% of small businesses have a website. Not having a website with which your consumer can interact is one of the more common small business mistakes.

Being involved in a startup can usually result in longer hours and many different responsibilities. Sometimes, projects like social media can fall by the wayside. However, businesses that spend time nurturing their online presence will reap the rewards down the line. Here are a couple of tips to building a sound online infrastructure.

1. Content

Blogging - In the online world, content is king. When thought-provoking and intriguing content is produced consistently, more users will be drawn to the business' page. Additionally, consistent content will show that the company is creating useful and shareable information, and is vibrant and active - a “recent” blog post from 2009 can be a bit disconcerting. Blogging also affects the way Google indexes your page. So a better blog equals better search engine traffic. First, develop a content strategy and plan to stick with it.

Guest Posting - A great way for startups to communicate with their target group is to find out the other blogs they read. If the company is selling fishing equipment, look for a blog that discusses fishing. See if they allow guest post submissions and create a blog post just for that site. You will get exposure and a valuable link back to your website.

Optimization - It’s also important when blogging, or creating any page on your company site for that matter, to do so productively. There are many ways you can optimize your blogs in order to rank higher in Google’s Algorithm. Including relevant keywords into your posts that both relate to your business and your consumer is a common strategy.

2. Social media

Consistency - Like blogging, social media is done well when done consistently. The top brands in the world manage to publish at least 1 tweet or Facebook post a day. Keeping the content relevant, engaging, and by not being too ‘salesy’ will encourage conversations and interaction with potential business prospects.

Engaging Consumers - It’s also important to keep a tab on the different social media channels. When you put you and your business out there, people are bound to respond both positively and negatively. There is a science to handling responses to users on social media. Try to keep conversations short and productive.

Stay Relevant - Also, it’s important to stay relevant with up to date topics in the industry, as well as related industries. Sharing, and contributing to a relevant topic discussion can help make you an authority on the subject.

Promote - Additionally, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are great places to do special promotions, giveaways, contests and offers.

3. Pay-per-click campaigns

Advertisements on Google and Facebook can drive productive traffic to your website. In establishing a Google Adwords or Facebook Ads for Business account,  you can find out valuable information like the terms people are searching for on Google, how people come to your website, and discover new keywords that can drive productive traffic.

Although increasing the online presence can be done quickly and inexpensively, it's the companies that nurture growth and stay consistent with their online strategy, that find success. Boosting the online presence is essential to fostering a company’s growth. The inexpensive nature of these solutions is one of the many ways that companies are affording to look professional on a budget.

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